Neuroinformatics is a combination of neuroscience and information science. It deals with the organisation of neuroscience data and knowledge bases of nervous system and application of tools and computational models for data analysis, acquisition, visualization and distribution. Brain mapping helps the scientists to know what the brain does and how various parts of the brain work. Brain mapping is a set of neuroscience techniques used to view the structural and functional aspects of the brain onto a spatial representation called maps. Due to the advancements and research in the field of neuroinformatics, large amount of data is being analysed and interpreted using various tools.

  • Track 1-1 Development and Management of Databases
  • Track 2-2 Brain Mapping
  • Track 3-3 Cognitive and Computational Modelling
  • Track 4-4 Tools Used in Neuroinformatics
  • Track 5-5 Current Research and Applications

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